Portable Single Burner Gas Camping Stove and Fittings

If you are thinking of going camping, you are probably picturing yourself out in the woods enjoying the full camping experience. This includes sleeping in the tent, sitting by the fireside and cooking with firewood. So you probably don’t see how a camping gas stove can help you. If you go camping hoping to cook and light a fire with the firewood that you collect from the camping site then you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

An Important Part Of Your Camping Gear

When going camping, the gear you carry is important and the things you will need to help you with heating and cooking. A gas camping stove is an important part of the gear even if you are planning to use wood. A portable burner is more convenient than firewood because firewood can be very tricky to light when moist. Even when it lights up, you will end up dealing with a lot of smoke unless you are lucky and the firewood happens to be dry.

Portable Burners for Camping

There are a number of portable burners that you could choose to go camping with. All of them have different qualities depending on the type of fuel they use. The stoves use white gas (Naphtha), butane or propane. The Coleman portable stoves use white gas or Napthta. The advantage of white gas is that it burns very efficiently and produces a high amount of heat for each unit of gas. The disadvantage with it is that the liquid fuel is highly flammable and can cause fires if spilled.

Most Gas camping stove cartridges use either butane or propane. The advantage of these two types of fuel is that no priming is required. This is unlike white gas and other types of liquid fuels where preheating may take you up to several minutes. Propane performs best in cold weather and should be the best choice if you want something reliable.

A Simmering Stove

If you are planning to do some serious cooking while camping, you should also consider choosing a simmering stove. A simmering stove will come with limited capabilities to simmer compared to your regular stove at home, but can help you comfortably cook most of the things you cook at home. The manufactures try to balance utility and portability so that as they add features, they still make it easy for you to carry around.